„there are no gallery openings for a saint´s performance“


Currently I am working on/interested in researching physiological and emotional sub-worlds, expanding bodily notions on/of affect, bodily hallucination, choreomania, exorcism, neoliberal exhausted bodies,burnt-out bodies, forces-that-are-bigger-than-us-that-make-us-move phantom limbs, my own private pathological body.

Questions that are relevant in my work:


Can we consider the movement as what has its own life, and not as that which is expression of a life (body)? Can dance show the life of the movement, not simply as the movement of a living body, but a living non-body in itself? The movement is not the movement of a body (where the of is a belonging), but is a movement by a body.I am interesred in dance that becomes a space that does not belong to me, nor is it alien to me.




Sveta Grigorjeva (1988) is a choreographer, dancer and poet from Estonia. She studied Choreography in Tallinn University (MA) and is currently studying in Germany at Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, majoring in Choreography and Performance (MA). She has published two poetry books – „kes kardab sveta grigorjevat“/“who is afraid of sveta grigorjeva“ (2013) and „american beauty“ (2018). In her early stage-work she often took „identity“ as the starting point of work-making. Lately, interest has shifted to a broader and more abstract understanding of corporeal performative qualities in dance. Her aim is to always develop forms for performances which are uniquely personal and which often challenge conventional assumptions about what dance performance is and what it could be.