„Take 2 | How to disappear compeletly: Blackbox“


Take 2 is an interactive try out of two artists who are keen to tell a story but at the same time want to lose the power of storytelling to a machine. The performance is written, rehearsed, and done by a computer. Artists were supervisors. They started, wrote and developed it, but now they don't have control over it anymore. They are trying, and you will witness this while they rehearse their completely new strategy publicly. "Take 2" is a theatre machine which is developed and organized to become an artist itself and make theatre without a demand. It will transform electric intensity into an artistic approach.


"... I will break it down with an example. Your phone rings in the middle of the night and a machine made voice is saying: I’m going to kill you in less than 5 minutes with a gun!
Which one is more important for you: staying alive or understanding who’s voice it is?




James collective (Frankfurt - Gießen - Saint Erme) 


Ozi Ozar was born in Tehran in 1993. He received his BA degree in Theatre Directing from Azad University in Tehran in 2017. During his time there, he was elected head of the University Academic Association. He also studied Film Directing in a film school in Tehran. While doing his bachelor, he investigated the potential of comedy. Parallel to his research, he translated a few theatre pieces of which some got published. In 2017 He moved to Germany to do his master at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main in the field of Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance Research.