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von Alice Nogueira - Ana Clara Montenegro


This is a personal project an artistic project to deal with the meaning of failure on stage in our contemporary society. We investigate understand try to understand this word, FAILURE, in our personal experiences in an individual and social context. At some point we got lost. We could not manage it. We decided to blame to invent someone else

A machine was created to represent all the bad things we see in the world all the contradictions we humanity holds. A machine to make provoque failure. And we tried to scape it to find poetry to go against it. We tried to break the machine that we created


That was the point when the Pandemic came and we forgot why we were doing this could no longer work. But the failure remained there, just waiting for us. Now we need to reformulate our process to try to do something online that is not boring. And we need a fucking machine


This is an experiment. We will try somethings. Chances are: we will fail. 

Artistic director and dramaturg of the Brazilian Group Coletivo Cronópio since 2005, she wrote and directed the piece Favor beber o leite, senão estraga, twice awarded in Brazil with the funds: Proac Edital de produção e temporada de espetáculo inédito (2014) and Prêmio Zé Renato de incentivo ao teatro (2015). The piece was presented by 5 different spaces, including Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade and Centro Cultural São Paulo. It was also showed in different cities as part of the project SESI Viagem Teatral. Also with Coletivo Cronópio she wrote and directed (instruções para compor uma peça) - Se for viver, leia antes, which was the Coletivo’s first piece and was presented by 5 theaters in the city of Sao Paulo.

In 2019 she took part in Unlimited Bodies, a seven days performative experiment that took place in the Performa Festival in New York. The performance was idealized by Dimitri Chamblas and Sigrid Pawelke. During the year of 2015 she worked in partnership with the young theater group P14 Jugendtheater der Volksbühne in Berlim as part of her Master Dissertation. She also accompanied the rehearsals for the play „Baumeister Solness” (Henrik Ibsen) from Frank Castorf at the same theater during this period.  As a pedagog she worked at the Escola Livre de Teatro de Santo Andre, teaching Performance Studies and Theater for Beginners. She also taught Performative Theater and orientated post-graduate students from the Master in Theater Direction at at Celia Helena Center of Arts, in Sao Paulo. Currently, Alice takes part in the MA program Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft in the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen. She also holds a Master Degree in Theater from the University of São Paulo (orientation by Luis Fernando Ramos) and a BA in Theater Direction. 

ANA CLARA MONTENEGRO is a Brazilian a dance artist, performer and pedagogue. She has worked with dance in collaboration with different fields such as theatre, performance art, urban interventions and film. In 2019, she released her first video-dance piece: POR AMOR O PREÇO É OUTRO.  She was a member of 16 Mulheres e ½, a collective in Sao Paulo that researches dance as a political statement and provoques movement in the studio as well as in the streets. As a performer, she worked with different artists and choreographers such as Paula Rosolem, Jan Deck, Daniel Schauf, Rene Alejandro Hurai Mateus, Alice Nogueira, Maristela Estrela and Luciana Schwinden. As a pedagogue, Ana Clara teaches contemporary techniques and improvisation in Giessen and Frankfurt. In 2020, she co-leaded the workshop A non-antropocentric body: to become an object, an animal, an alien or any other possibility with Alice Nogueira in the Centro Cultural São Paulo - CCSP, in Brazil.

Since 2019, she takes part in the MA program in Choreography and Performance in the University of Giessen in Germany. Ana Clara also holds a BA in Social Communication and a diploma in Scenic Arts.