Once again we would like to give students of the Hessian Theatre Academy (HTA) the opportunity to share their in-progress artworks on the 26th of June 2020. What “in progress” means is up to you. Whether you want to test an idea, showcase a still bleeding extract of your work, preview something new, or even present a concept that’s still a diamond in the rough. 


Our aim is to provide a space where discussions can take place in a supportive and healthy environment. We want to engage with your artistic input and have an exchange about your work. That is why we have the goal of creating a work-in-progress festival that serves as an enrichment both for artists and audiences. To make this happen, each project gets a total of 60 minutes for its performance and its audience exchange. The exchange should be at least 1/3 of the whole time slot. And that’s not all! 


We have a space full of culinary highlights, a place to chat and rest, and last but not least: a party! so that we can build deeper personal connections in the HTA community for future collaborations and friendships. Noteworthy to mention: We consider this festival to be a safer space where there is no room for any kind of discriminatory and prejudiced behavior.

Accepted applicants will be supported with 250€/group for traveling and material costs. 


Btw, who even are “we”? A bunch of Dramaturgy and Comparative Dramaturgy & Performance Research students of Goethe University Frankfurt who are excited to cross paths with you soon – Technology will never let us down! … 

I mean, mostly.

Ronja, Judith, Marque, Ozi, Jonathan, Ella, Ania, Nele, Aria