von Alyssa Tessari - Maíra Wiener - Will Luke


Off-track" is an online mixed-media performance that experiments with the concept of "lost in translation": from words having lost or lacking the full subtlety of meaning or significance when translated from the original language to another, which happens especially when done literally. It departs from the untranslatable Brazilian word "saudade", and further applies the impossibility of communication to the translation of theater from analog to digital and from the physical stage to a screen, leading the participants through different modes of digital togetherness using more than one app. Weird space-and-time relations pose as potentiality for an initial "big bang" of ideas, some of which will turn out to be interesting technological experiences and others brain farts. What is it that inevitably gets lost? Which new potentialities and sensibilities are there to be discovered in this experimental setting?

Alyssa Tessari de Almeida has a Bachelor and Teaching degree in Theatre from Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina in Florianópolis. She currently works as producer and actress in the Burlesque Theater group NO HAY BANDA and as independent cultural producer in the city of Florianópolis, such as presently production assistant to Santa Catarina's diversity film festival “III TRANSFORMA”.

Maíra Wiener is a dramaturge and cultural manager, with a network of collaborations in Florianópolis, Frankfurt, Gent and Brussels. She graduated with a Bachelor and Teaching degree in Theatre from Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina in Florianópolis and is currently enrolled in the Master program Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance Research at Goethe University.

Will Luke is a musician, songwriter, singer and composer. Having worked mostly on projects for other artists, he has recently self-published his first solo album, composed, produced and mixed by himself, to be found on Spotify and other channels. He is currently enrolled in the Bachelors in Musicology at Goethe University.