„Not Yet“


are we there yet? longing for the warm splash, for it, was worth it. well done. not yet, do I get up, I'm tired. 
I'll wait for you downstairs. I'll wait for you. let's play. sing along. sell that shit. I won't leave. 
not yet stares back at  

tapping hands, faith forward, for the best is yet to come, a long way to go, not a girl, not even born yet, the beautiful ones, some would say. what would you say?
no way, this won't stop,
I don't refuse, yet I do not know what it would mean to be done. should we know what constitutes the fin, fine, finished? or what you meant when u said when I oh so badly wanted to lay down and look up and you said 
not yet (?) 

 draws a scope, a little capsule. the hollow envelopes the body with care, for it to appear; the protection of an act and vice versa. shapes and statics are held on to tightly until one can let go of them with ease.  




Mara Kirchberg, Jamila Hutchinson