Von Lisa Horvath - Sara TrawÖger - Eng Kai Er (Kai)

Ana Clara Montenegro - Marina GrÜn


Mimesis is not mere representation; it is an adaptive skill. It makes us interact with the world via acculturation, affinity and reciprocity. It creates things, sensorially and emotionally. But its way of creation presents an alternative to the genius, who creates from scratch and still it does not merely copy. It creates new worlds by drawing from the old ones – by approximating the other, in recognition through imitation. Mimicreatures uses this idea as basis for its development:


A feeling is reflected in a text

The text is reflected in a mask

The mask is reflected in a dance

The dance is reflected in a song


This process is based on a silent imitation of the other, on an adjustment to the counterpart that doesn’t reduce a thing to its meaning but tries to capture its essence in a game of Chinese Whispers. Masks are the symbol for imitation through disguise, they mix wo*man and beast, god and inanimate object. They protect the self in a physiological and in a psychological sense, by creating a barrier between ourselves and a potentially dangerous outside or inside world. They shut away what might harm us.

Our masks do the opposite. They turn the inner state of feelings and affections outside, they are translated into beings themselves. These creatures of the inside become our companions. By letting them out and giving them material existence, they lead us inside where it’s safe and warm. They are the other that is myself.

Mimicreatures will be shown as a work-in-progress-video of about 10 minutes.

We are happy to receive your feedback and questions after the screening.

Concept/ Masks / Video:

Lisa Horvath studied Stage and Costume Design at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. Since 2017 she takes part in the MA program of Applied Theater-Science in Gießen.  She collaborated with independent artists also producing her own theater performances and worked for theatres such as Staatstheater Augsburg (D), Next Liberty Graz (A), Theater an der Rott (D) or Landestheater NiederÖsterreich (A). 2015 she was awarded with the Outstanding Artist Award by the Federal Ministry of Culture, Austria for her stage design of „A Midsummernightsdream - a deconstruction“. Her own production „Final Season“ was shown at various festivals and is supported by In Situ - european network for art in public space. 

Her special interest lies in playful and changeable spaces with interactive elements. In the field of fine arts, she also works with installations and photography, always enjoying blurring the borders of the genres. - For more see: www.lisahorvath.at


Sara Trawöger hat 2015 den Bachelorstudiengang Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft an der Universität Wien absolviert und studiert nun im Master Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft in Gießen und im Master Zeitbasierte Medien an der Kunstuniversität Linz. Sie ist Drummerin der Band “La Sabotage”, die ihr Debütalbum FEST auf dem Wiener Label „Fettkakao“ veröffentlicht haben. Seit 2019 tritt sie mit ihrem elektronischen Soloprojekt „Abrupt“ auf.


Eng Kai Er (Kai) was born in 1984 in Singapore. She danced Chinese Dance, practised figure skating, fell in love with both; went to the UK to study Natural Sciences (Biology) for 3 years, went to Sweden to study Infection Biology for 5 years, then went back to Singapore and tried to professionalize as an artist for 6 years. She regards her studies in Biology as a youthful accident and a waste of time. Now, she is in Germany (since October 2019), studying Choreography and Performance, at Justus Liebig University of Giessen. With this, she feels that she is finally studying something she is interested in. Kai works both alone and in small groups. Her work is funny, personal, gentle. For more see www.kaifishfish.tumblr.com/.

Ana Clara Montenegro works with dance in collaboration with different fields such as theater, performance art, urban interventions and film. In 2019, she released her first video-dance piece: POR AMOR O PREÇO É OUTRO. She was a member of 16 Mulheres e ½, a collective in Sao Paulo that researches dance as a political statement and provoques movement in the studio as well as in the streets. As a performer, she worked with different artists and choreographers such as Paula Rosolem, Jan Deck, Daniel Schauf, Rene Alejandro Hurai Mateus, Alice Nogueira, Maristela Estrela and Luciana Schwinden. As a pedagogue, Ana Clara teaches contemporary techniques and improvisation in Giessen and Frankfurt. In 2020, she co-leaded the workshop A non-antropocentric body: to become an object, an animal, an alien or any other possibility with Alice Nogueira in the Centro Cultural São Paulo - CCSP, in Brazil. Since 2019, she takes part in the MA program in Choreography and Performance in the University of Giessen in Germany. Ana Clara also holds a BA in Social Communication and a diploma in Scenic Arts.


Marina GrÜn