How did we do it? Let’s find out


So it’s easy to say that we will make a safer space and stuff like that but how can one do such a thing in the context of the festival? From basically 6 months ago, we (few Dramaturgy and CDPR students of Goethe University) talked a lot to find a way out to organize a festival. After over maybe 20 hours of explicitly talking about how to curate and collect applications, we found our own format.

We asked everyone to send us their applications in 2 pdf files. The first file was only about their artworks/performances and the second file was their biographies, which could have been just a single name or a page. We tried not to restrict the applicants to some specific questions or collect much personal information.


In order to keep the anonymity of the projects in our curating round, one of our colleagues was in charge of collecting the applications and making sure that they are anonymized. And of course, in order to keep the curating round as neutral as possible, the anonymizer was not allowed to be in the curating round or participating in the talks or decisions.


We all closely read the first files together in the curating session and after having enough information about each application made our first round of decision. The applications that the majority of the jury wanted in, got in, which were the first 4 out of 9 slots. And for the rest, we read the second pdf to know more about their backgrounds which made it easier for us to decide. However, the decision-making round took more than 10 hours so you can imagine that we took our time. 


What were our main criteria?


First Step


- Interesting questions/topic

- Creativity in applications

- Category of unfinished

- The possibility of doing it in the space we had


Second Step


- Size of group

- University

- Format

- A variety of projects

- Some sense of focus on equality