„For Airports“



"For Airports" is the title of the play I’m writing. My main concept is to somehow think of airports a space without any possibility of establishing a social community. Marc Augé suggests the name non places for such spaces that unlike other usual public places are anti-anthropological. This idea guided me further to think about the kind of human who could be perfectly adjusted to this space. A figure who resembles this space, let’s say a person who is born with elements of a non space, the superman of airports. I came up with this character whose whole being can be summed up in transience and mobility. 

In general, this play can more or less be considered a dramatic play. However, VVIP festival and having the chance to present the” unfinished”, made me think about my practices to develop the play as an equal to an open rehearsal. I will present a sketch that could be even a separate piece from the play itself. It’s not a scene or act chosen from the first draft but at the same time shows my early encounter with my concept.




Aria Baghestani is a playwright and screenwriter from Tehran and currently based in Frankfurt. He graduated from the University of Tehran in dramatic literature. He studies since 2018 Comparative Dramaturgy & Performance Research at Goethe University. He has worked over past years as both playwright and director in theatre and cinema. Since 2016 he's one of the members of offcast theater collective.

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