July 06

Jul 06, 2019, 12:00 PM – Jul 07, 2019, 2:00 AM
Frankfurt LAB,
Schmidtstraße 12, 60326 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

how will we do it on 6th of july?

We're all tired of festivals who plan much without considering time for getting to know each other and exchanging thoughts. With vvip, we will try to do this differently. Below is not our exact program but to some extent a brief overview of what and how we are going to do it on the 6th of July.


1 - are all gonna meet in our (let's call it festival Zentrum) and will do some warm-up and getting to know each other activities altogether. (VViP stands literally everyone who is there including, audience, organizers and artist1- we -laut und stark gegen speed dating!) 


2- We all are gonna try to watch 9 Unfinished performances in one day. There will be a possibility of rest in between tho. Every performance is 45min of which at least 10 are discussion, if possible rather 20. so we start at 12, and we try to finish by 11 and party! (may the 4th be with us)


3- we have planned for two significant pauses in the between where we all eat one delicious meal together. 
 ***VViP team thanks you all who bought tickets to make this gemeinsamessen possible.


4- ... at the end of the day, we are gonna have a party which is going to be fancy. So be prepared to have fun afterward. We all know that is too much overload but mark your weekend cause it's gonna be legend ... wait for it


5- the primary language of vvip is going to be Danglish or to be more

accurate, trash English/German. We are gonna try our best to fight

language barriers, and we hope that you all also help us. we might

have translations.

6-vvip will try to be a safer space for all of us. please bring your positive

vibes with you cause we are all gonna need that.


7- dary!


we chose

VViP Festival 2019

Download, fill and send both pdf forms to us before 30 April  18 May.
Wait for us till 12 May  20 May.

Hopefully, be on stage on 6 July.




what are we looking for?


about us

                   I cannot believe that we have this shit load of money and still we cannot afford

                   to hire a professional or even semi-professional designer to do this shit.

                     What am I supposed to be? Some sort of superhero or your mama?

                   Even JLO said that she is not your mama. Can you remember the time that JLO was a

thing? Man time flies like an arrow. It feels like as if it was yesterday that we all were shouting you

maha you ma so without knowing what we are even saying, and look where we are standing today now. POOOFFF, who would have thought that we would get this much important to make such important decisions. I call it important cause its probably the most important decision we all are gonna make (of course after losing our virginity) -respect to those of us who stayed away from STIs and have a better miserable life than us- Why miserable? look at the , bist du newsmanbescheiert? No, I learned German and English myself and that is why there are loads of grammatical errors there. I mean look at the bright side, at least I speak the language, why? Cause I am Mr.Brighside.

Marry me now. Now I am gonna put some bullet points here cause it fit the design and also you can understand what is this poster about. It is for work in progress festival. Has a lame name and we put the cherry on top by calling it vvip. HOW LAME? ya tell me about it. We want your unfinished projects no matter if it is a bleeding baby or a cucumber. WE WANT IT. Go check the rest on our website. SEE YA.


We have basically zero experience but we can beat you in kicker and over usage of terms like dispositive or deconstruction and of course performative. Btw, we are heroes of name dropping.


We are, Ella Schilling, Aria Baghestani, Antonia Kelm, 

 Jonathan Kirn, Bjoern Auftrag, Ozi Ozar, Theresa Selter,

 Rebekka Pattison, Antigone Akgün, Anna Dieren.


Goethe University Institute for Theatre, Film and Media Studies

Norbert-Wollheim-Platz 1

Frankfurt am main, D-60323






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