Jun 26, 2020, 5:00 PM GMT+2 – Jun 28, 2020, 8:00 PM GMT+2
VViP-Festival #2: in a box


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: VVIP, HTA, Goethe UniversitÄt, Naxos and DHL



Reanimation! (training)!

Wir vermieten nur an seriöse Mieter (AT)!

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line up 2020! 


We decided to lift VVIP2 into the digital realm, to give you and ourselves some security in planning. This means we still want to give you the chance, as well as the financial support to show what you're working on and talk to others about it. Times are weird right now and we know that rehearsing is very difficult or even impossible.


In return for all of your artistic inputs, we're working on finding exchange formats, as well as little games, to make video conferences less monotonous and more fun. So we all can enjoy the exchange and not feel trapped in front of our screens. We might also add some non-digital, physical distancing exchange.



Is this a festival?

So if you only have a concept you would like to talk about or something similar, don’t hesitate to send it in! If you have a rehearsal space and want to invite us in via camera or have a video-recording you would like to talk about, bring em in. In summary, you don't have to perform live if you want to apply for VViP. go ahead surprise us! Formats that are designed for the online world are, of course, also very welcome.


You may not believe it, but postal services might bring some VViP to you, and potentially even help us create a shared piece of art, a VViP-Network art, in which we all can collaborate, even if we don’t all know each other yet. We're looking forward to your applications and hope we will find a nice way to bring HTA together this year as well, in VVIP2!


QUOTE OF THE DAY / Who dafuq is vvip?

- I'm here again :). https://meet.jit.si/LetsFillTheBox
- there in 86 sec

- also you are early

- so german

- too german :)

 Aria, Nele, Ronja, Ozi 

vviP was: Nele Oeser, Aria Baghestani, Marque Pham, Jonathan Kirn, Ella schiilling, Ronja Koch, Judith Hesselmann, Ozi Ozar


Especially, in light of the current unforeseen and global challenges, we want to make this festival happen but without putting anyone at risk. That’s why the possibility of postponing is on the table as well. For now, we are optimistic to meet you in person in June, so we deeply encourage you to keep creating your art. We’re aware that the current situation has put our creative and cultural sectors under a lot of pressure. Our - indeed ambitious - goal is to make VViP a possibility in times of a pandemic, rather than have it become another source of stress and pressure. 


We will strive to achieve that, by being transparent about changes that might happen and

will prepare as much as possible for any unexpected turn of events so that we hold true

to the original vision and intent of VViP. We also want to encourage you,

to be open about your needs and worries regarding the festival,

so we can find solutions together in this difficult time. 




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